PERC Conference Session Feedback

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Date: April 12, 2017 at 10:52:22 AM EDT
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Good Morning!

We would like to thank you again for presenting at our 5th annual Piedmont Educator Renewal Conference. You were a large part of making the conference a great success! We had the attendees fill out feedback cards for each session and below you will find the feedback from your session. We can mail you the physical copies if you would prefer. Please let us know if you have any questions!

I wonder why? Teaching Philosophy through Children’s Literature Lea Thorbecke

My favorite session! Loved the interactive play and story. Inspired me to keep and make sure there is a philosophy in my future classroom.

Love her!

Very interactive and engaging; practical information presented to use in early grades; loved this session

Great session! Very engaging!

Awesome presentation! Very thought provoking!

Mrs. Thorbecke was a great presenter.

What about alternatives to dualistic thinking? Is everything either or? Great talk!

I loved this presentation. It was very informative and engaging for adults, so I can only imagine what a classroom would be like with this presenter.

Wow! Awesome! We need her back.

I really enjoyed this session! Thank you!

Very enthusiastic! Great content knowledge! Fun session

Very interactive and engaging


So very enthusiastic! Loved her presentation. The topic was fun and light. I learned a lot! Thank you.

LOVED IT! Wish I could have listened longer. Best speaker of the day.

Enjoyed this session!


Very engaging and interactive. Loved how involved with the audience she was. Material was relevant and interesting.

PERC Committee