Videos from the Book

Alejandro the Axolotl

This story is about doing the right thing. It raises the question of animal rights.

Questions for Discussion
1. Do you believe that research is a just reason for severing Alejandro’s legs?
2. Is it right to take advantage of the animals in our care?
3. Do you think animals can feel pleasure and pain?
4. Should animals have rights? If yes, what kind of rights?
5. Can you think of anything you have the power to do, but won’t? What prevents you from doing it?

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Byron the Beaver

This story raises the question what is friendship all about.

Questions for Discussion
1. What does it mean to be a good friend?
2. How do you know who your friends are? (Aristotle also asked that question)
3. Do you know what it means to be selfless?
4. Is being selfless always good?
5. Would you help someone even if it was inconvenient or dangerous?

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The Chinchillas, Celia and Camille

This story raises questions about hunting for profit.

Questions for Discussion
1. Is hunting a sport?
2. What are possible reasons for going hunting?
3. The three characters in our story (the hunter, the hatter and the boy) see chinchillas in a different light. Can you comment?
4. Is it ever good to exploit animals for our entertainment or use?
5. When is greediness harmful?

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