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Do I Look Like Breakfast?Lea Thorbecke developed the theme of this wonderful fable as a form of conflict resolution, while working with young children as a special education teacher. As an educator, first in Israel and later in Switzerland and the USA, it was always a priority to limit discord and friction. The story in this wonderful little book is a fable set on the shores of a lake surrounded by forests. There are twenty-two animals, attributed with human character, trying to discover a better way to live together without conflict. Yes, they are looking for Utopia, and while on this journey they talk about the problems they encounter and how they might be solved. The discussions are intended to prompt young readers to think about their attitude to others and relationships with friends and family. There are many humorous episodes and the events are beautifully illustrated. Once engrossed in chapter one, children and also many adults will not be able to resist the temptation to read this book to its peaceful

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  1. This will ALWAYS be MY favorite story!! Areyah and Barvazah have lived at JCC CHicago for many years. Children Alumni recall this story with the fondest of memories– Adults not so much!
    Love YOU my Lea!!

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