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LeaWriting and telling stories has always been my passion. I spend my life telling lots of tall tales, and I started young. When my homework was not done, a story was needed to explain why. When I came home late, another one had to be ready to placate my mom.

When I became a teacher I captured my students’ attention with stories. I used my ability to tell stories well as a teaching tool. One compilation of stories became a reading curriculum. School events and holidays prompted me to write more stories and short plays. It wasn’t until I retired that I took my writing one step further. I wrote and published my first book; Do I Look Like Breakfast?.

When my husband Herman and I moved to live on a mini farm in northeast Georgia, new stories were born. A trapped raccoon inspired me to write a book about Rocco, Wipple and their friends. Its title is Where In The World Is Wipple?

What characterizes my children’s books is that they are not merely amusing tales, but written in the genre of fables that aspire to make a connection between animal characters and the reading child. I aim at helping the children in identifying and dealing with common problems.

Herman, my loyal husband, is the co-author of these books. He is also the author of two small volumes of short stories. The first: So Long Europe, Hello South Africa and the second, How To Fail As A Slumlord. Both are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

We are now in the process of writing our third book in this series, in which Speckles, a barnyard chicken, shares her thoughts about what is wrong in this world of ours… purely from the point of view of a chicken, of course.

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  1. Hi Lea,
    I love the term “inquisitive”. As parents we always face questions from our children. I like the approach of your book addressing our children’s questions with respect. They are little scientists trying to figure out the way the world works.

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