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I’m Lea Thorbecke, and I’m glad you came! Here you’ll find my children’s books and memoirs from my childhood in Israel. For each book you’ll see information that I hope will be both interesting and helpful.

At the right you can see descriptions of my books, as well as a selection of shorter fiction and memoirs you can read online.

10 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I love your short stories! Especially the one about ” dyslexia could be a blessing “. So much if today’s society especially in education is focused on the minuses or shortcomings of kids and labels become become a way of segregating and separating them out! You took your challenges and turned them into a strength ! Nice!!!

  2. The site seems to be coming along nicely. The added features and links are all well formed and simple. The short stories and Book options are well cofounded and placed in the right region of a site. My only remark would be to change the header image to be more readable and to create a logo of sort. Also the use of some hashtags could be beneficial and eventually a calendar of events a nice touch.
    Nice site and good content.

  3. It was very interesting for me to read your stories in your (this) site as it remind me my childhood here in Israel. As you know we are the same age. Your writing is also very interesting as it attracts the readr to read it to the end.

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